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Here is another roundup of some of the most thought-provoking reader comments of the week. Comments are selected by our editors and subject to editing for grammar, spelling, clarity and length.

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OCTA’s Public Relations Contract

Why not write in that unless one cannot be found, all lowest responsible bidders or contractors for Orange County work should come from California to promote local employment and help the local economy. What rule says we have to allow foreign bids?

I say this as a California resident who was raised in that foreign land, New Jersey.

— Macdoodle

Why Always Santa Ana?

Whenever there is bad news, why does the city of Santa Ana always take the lead?

Fifty-six million dollars due [demanded by the state]? Compare that to the amount owed by the other cities. [Santa Ana’s bill] is about 22% of the cumulative amount owed. Over one-fifth.

Just recently Santa Ana was celebrating its new-found solvency with the Orange County Fire Authority taking over the firefighting services in the city. Now it looks like they are about to go underwater again.

Do you think the leadership has anything to do with it? Or is it just bad luck that most everytime we read about bad news, Santa Ana seems to be involved in one way or another?

— Beelzebub

County Government Managers Contract

[Supervisor Shawn] Nelson said the managers deal includes a message for the county’s other employee organizations: “All employees will be expected to pay the employee share of the pension,” he said. “It should have been paid a long time ago.”

Then he followed [by saying, in effect:] Except for me, as I like only my management to lead by example. When I signed up, I looked after myself by signing up for the fattest retirement possible at the cost of the people.

This is OC leadership in action.

— Bill 714

A Plan From the Mayor

Thank you, Mayor [of Anaheim Tom] Tait for bringing forth the idea of using a percentage of [transient occupancy tax] revenue for neighborhood improvement. It is about time that money was used for city services versus being sucked back into the resort for hotel subsidies and Disney projects.

— SaveAnaheim

More Jobs for Supervisors’ Cronies?

If the fix is in before the job interviews even started, it just adds insult to injury. You have to show up and compete and didn’t have a snowball’s chance from the very start.

Don’t you get it? We have no real power by pointing out the corrupted nature of all these acts. They just don’t care. The fix is in. They got us just where they want us. Sorry to state the sad facts; somebody has to.

I would rather they just appoint the crony and save the other applicants time. Doing it in disguise is even more deceitful.

— Beelzebub

Toll Road Trouble

Route 73 has been functionally bankrupt for years, only surviving based on a $120-million payment from the other toll agency for the revenue that would someday be lost when Route 241’s south extension was built.

Instead of paying off bonds, they continue to expand the amount of their debt and lengthen the term.

In their latest deal to stave off bankruptcy, they surrendered their control of tolls to an agreement with the bondholders, so they will continue to raise tolls and lower expenses to maximize revenue, regardless of any effects on congestion.

Time for the healthier Foothill agency to demand return of the $120 million, lower their own tolls and force the 73 into bankruptcy.

Then the Orange Coutny Transportation Authority and Caltrans could buy it for pennies on the dollar and turn it into a freeway.

— Moonunit

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Voice of Our Commentators


Here is another roundup of some of the most thought-provoking reader comments of the week. Comments are selected by our editors and subject to editing for grammar, spelling, clarity and length.

Click on each topic’s headline to see the article in question.

Anaheim’s Hotel Subsidy Overturned

I am not wholeheartedly opposed to private-public partnerships as long as they have some community benefits locked in like LA Live. This deal was just a money grab for the greedy folks connected to [former Mayor] Pringle and [Councilwoman Kris] Murray.

Anaheim has too many public-private partnerships that generate no benefits to the community, such as the Honda Center ($0 revenue to the city of Anaheim) and Angel Stadium ($1 million to 3 million a year, which is outrageous).

— SaveAnaheim

The cities around Disneyland need to get together and work out an agreement whereby all the cities can “just say no” to tax incentives for these companies. Put an end to the playing of the cities off each other.

— Kburgoyne

Without commenting on the tax subsidy issue, I applaud the court’s upholding of the intent of the Brown Act to bring openness and transparency to the work of legislative bodies such as the Anaheim City Council.

From the Brown Act:

The people of this State do not yield their sovereignty to the agencies which serve them. The people, in delegating authority, do not give their public servants the right to decide what is good for the people to know and what is not good for them to know. The people insist on remaining informed so that they may retain control over the instruments they have created.

— Junior

Banning Sex Offenders From Parks

The backstory is that the DA wants to appeal to all the idiots that think that a ban will stop a sexual pervert from visiting a county park. Really, are people that dumb?

County Counsel probably said “no can do,” but this is political drama — knowing it will not fly but worth the political goodwill to attempt to “try.” So the DA looks like a solid family-values guy making the citizens safe from perverts.

In my view, if you want to protect yourself and kids, have a buddy system at all times and be careful. A true opportunistic sexual predator will look and wait for a unprotected victim. All the “bans” in the world will not stop a sick person intent oh harming an innocent victim. Watch your kids, watch your back and watch out for each other.

— Insider2

Well, once again they leaped before they looked and got themselves and the taxpayers into another pickle, didn’t they?

And the cities that followed the leader are starting to get cold feet, aren’t they?

Folks, these are your taxdollars at work: dumb, dumber and dumbest paving the road with more good intentions that wind up leading to the village of idiots saturated with unintended entanglements and financial disaster.

Are constitutional experts ever consulted before these harebrained ideas are put into effect? Or do they all just take [District Attorney] Tony [Rackauckas’] word for it?

What Hollyweird writer could make this stuff up?

— Beelzebub

Toll Road Bonds

On a regular basis, I get on Interstate 405 near Route 22 and take it down to the I-5, then down to San Diego County for business purposes.

I’m a born-and-raised Californian. It is strictly against my religion to get on the toll portion of the 73. It’s easy to tell from the lack of use that there are plenty of people who agree with me.

The lack of use of the toll 73 means it is a massive waste of land resources.

— Kburgoyne

Westminster’s Ambulance Contract

This article isn’t a piece about the Orange County Fire Authority hazmat fees (which is indeed a story that deserves to be written), it’s about the Westminster City Council.

Follow the money on this one and the answer to why Shoreline [Ambulance Co.] was given this contract will suddenly appear.

— Tonto

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