• JoyBear

    So many change orders, delays, crashes! The Board of Supervisors sold this “cost savings” idea to centralize IT to taxpayers. Most of those BOS have left (2 became senators … with the help of Xerox donations!). We, the taxpayers, are now holding the bill for all this money going down the drain. Now that Atos owns this branch of Xerox, do they care about the contract?

  • the714

    The Xerox folks installed my team’s VOIP phones yesterday. Which promptly crashed all our network and Internet connections for 24 hours. When the Xerox folks seemed unable to fix it, our Dept. regular IT guy (a County employee) got me reconnected in a short time.

  • astar2b

    How did a copier company get this contract?

  • threelockbox

    follow the money…who set up this ridiculous contract and how big was the bonus?

  • Gary Truesdale

    A project like this is an opportunity to do great IT and uplift everything at the County. The technology improves so quickly that everything naturally gets faster, easier, and cheaper. VOIP is a fully developed, straightforward technology, everyone uses it, its easy to roll out and support. The County technology director is gone, the services firm the County selected has been sold, the project is late and over budget. And no plan to get on track. The Union concerns are valid.