• Kathleen Tahilramani

    Supervisor Do may want to consider the fact that a Board meeting is not a courtroom and he is a Supervisor not a Prosecutor delivering a inquisition.The manner Do used to deliver his questions to Mr. Danley was loaded with thinly veiled hostility. It was a classic “gotcha” scenario with Do aggressively and methodically doing an excruciating point by point effort to discredit the HR Director. As a result, Do appeared to be petty and ill informed as to how the budget system works, how positions are classified/reclassified and allocated. I hope this is not a hint of how Do will treat county employees who appear before the board. Attempting to make staff appear ignorant and or foolish is poor leadership and I hope other more experienced Board members will offer some mentoring to Do before he makes future BOS sessions both annoying and a pathetic waste of valuable time.

    • 6eaie2

      The bickering and posturing that occurs on the OC dais (& other jurisdictions) diverts attention from the tasks at hand: representing the people, whose interests have, unfortunately, been subjugated by those who prioritize loyalty to party ideology over public service. County staff are conveniently just the whipping boys/girls of the day.

      Tragically, the Board of Supervisor positions are often deemed nothing more than a political stepping stone. Perhaps that’s one weakness of term limits: Supes are always looking ahead instead of looking out for the voters’ best interests.

      • Kathleen Tahilramani

        Agree. well stated.

  • jz

    Sadly, this devolution into a disturbing argument along greed-based discussions of more income for GOP operatives or “political aides” is what often occurs in this totally GOP dominated BOS…rather than a serious discussion of how to reform the county government and institutions (including jails and mental health) to implement leadership reform that insists the primary focus of all appointed county institution managers be the implementation of cost-effective, progressive policies, supported by research that actually serves the people and reforms the antiquated system of management (especially in the jails and mental health).

  • Steve W.

    Steve Danley taking direct fire from a member of the Board. There’s something you haven’t seen. It’s a change from would-be CEO Danley sniping at enemies and rivals from the bushes by leaking to the Voice or to leakers who leak to the Voice. There should be an audit of whether county HR functions better or worse since being centralized under Danley.

    And Norberto is still using the made-up job description of “political aides.” So unbiased.

    • David Zenger

      Brave talk, Steve. Danley was the only guy at the County during the dismal and corrupt Mauk Era who consistently believed, and acted as if that the rules were there for the County to follow.

      Of course that put him at odds with greasers and shakedown artists like Campbell, Nguyen and Bates who wanted to be able to employ people like Lecong and Probolsky and give them six figure salaries despite the fact that they never graduated from college or had a nickel’s worth of verifiable professional experience.

      Steve’s “enemies” were the fakirs and 5th Floor professional pole dancers who broke the rules with impunity.

      You reveal yourself, Steve.

  • 6eaie2

    Can the political aides get permanent job positions–burrowing–like the federal government workers when their elected bosses lose an election or are otherwise out of power? If so, the rule must be changed to 1) prevent the unnecessary expansion of the county payroll and 2) restrain the already highly politicized operation of the county government.

    Because the aides did not acquire those positions by competing equally with others via a fair and impartial process, they should NOT be entitled to remain in those positions once the coattails of the electeds disappear.