• Steve W.

    Nice to know the tough, meaningful policy issues are being tackled.

  • David Zenger

    “Several years ago, Nelson said, he stumbled onto the fact that
    “unbeknownst to anyone on the board” a county event in the First
    District was “granted all sorts of radio programming and television”

    That was the infamous “lock your car door” campaign aimed at all the supposed dopes in Little Saigon who were deemed by Janet Nguyen to be to stupid to lock their cars during the Christmas shopping season.

    The worst part of this wasn’t the blatant self-promotion – which was evident – but the way Nguyen shook down Probation and the Sheriff’s Department for AB109 funds instead of paying for the stupid thing herself. Then she got her political campaign vendor the job to make signs and publicize the deal on Viet radio, and later got the ever-helpful Rob Richardson (now in charge of County contracts!) to retroactively fake a sole-source justification three weeks after the money was spent!

    And Nelson didn’t “stumble” on to anything. He had a staff member who was very diligent about digging into things.

  • 6eaie2

    The Supervisors’ presence at publicized events is almost never necessary, as it’s staff and volunteers who do the work. A more static example of self-promotion lies in those construction project mini-billboards stating the work being done at taxpayer expense was made possible by the work of the named local Supervisor representing the district in which the project occurs. Does anyone really read those things?

    The line between selfish politicking and public service is not really a “fine” one at all. Rather, it’s one defined and positioned by the players, themselves, as they never forget the fundamentals of opportunity.

    Were voters more studiously engaged, then the value of those opportunities to the players would diminish.

  • Kathleen Tahilramani

    Massive Project? United Way makes the “nefarious” Green Fair look like chump change. United Way is an annual staff nightmare where Department Heads feel highly pressured by the BOS to bring in the dough to make the BOS look good. And since all nightmares trickle down staff spend thousands of hours doing stupid United Way fundraisers while nagging staff to donate. Your tax dollars at work.

  • Paul Lucas

    yes! Shawn Nelson Thank You!! Burt I bet Todd wasn’t very happy about your remarks? I don’t think its ok to solicit donations for these events. It is simply another avenue for them to apply their influence via cash donations to events that end up becoming Campaign events for the likes of Janet Nguyen.

    • Andrew Galvin

      Who is Burt?

      • Paul Lucas

        Mean to say But