• John Claxton

    The DA would participate so the DA was allowed to hire his own auditor?

  • Trudy White

    The Feds know all of the dirty dealings of the County, but they look the other way, because the money isn’t a lot, at least to them. This poor guy didn’t have a chance, because if he actually did the job, he would step on the toes of one of the multiple idiots who got to their exalted and overpaid position thanks to their cousin or aunt, not education or real integrity. If you took the top ten management personnel in the five biggest agencies, you would find a lack of education and intelligence which would render them unfit for the private sector. They protect their little monarchies by surrounding themselves with more of the same. They beat down anyone with true education and intelligence, and crucify anyone who dares to question them. Problem is, when you give power to those who lack the capacity to use it, corruption results. Bustamante was a good example. If the voters knew how much waste and thievery went on every day? They would freak out. The BoS does not want to know. This is why they have the layers of devoted and overpaid minions. Recently, Spitzer avoided having to know about several criminal and abuse cases, thanks to his team. So long as they can plead ignorance, they never have to do a thing. And don’t believe that the DA and Todd hate each other. They cover for each other like all the others.

  • Kathleen Tahilramani

    The office of the Performance Auditor needs to be eliminated as it is nothing more that a political football subject to the whims and agenda of each board member. What is “found” and “not found” is determined under the lens of self-serving political interest. The BOS will direct the activities of the PA and the next person will have a similar career ending event unless they decide to become a pliable puppet of the board.

  • David Zenger

    The sad part about this is that the Supervisor’s have never taken the Performance Auditor seriously. How many of the numerous recommendations made by the PA during Danley’s tenure were basically ignored by Mauk and the Board? Most of them, I think, except for the HR stuff where Mauk and Bates’s favorite execs were getting inappropriate pay raises.

    Yet the very existence of this department gives an air of legitimacy to the goings on. Changing the boss every couple of years just means more emasculation.

    If the Board was really serious they would hire a tough auditor and start him off with the activities of the 5th Floor Board employees to see how much of that $5,000,000 General Fund budget actually goes to serving the public.