• Philmore

    Gee, HOW ABOUT if the County focused on doing an HONEST, EFFICIENT JOB of delivering their services to their constituents, instead of the self-interest, politics, and incompetence that are chronicled weekly here and elsewhere, and let the diversity manage itself? OR has ALL THAT been GIVEN UP ON, so “diversity” focus is just as good a DISPLACEMENT ACTIVITY as another?

  • David Zenger


    Do is of Vietnamese extraction. Look how fast he “rose through the ranks.”

  • Kathleen Tahilramani

    So very humorous. So, the HR Director for the County of Orange – the person charged with administration of the EEO, DFEH – ya all know those pesky LAWS
    states. “In response to Do’s concerns, Human Resources Director Steve Danley, said he would look into whether officials still gather statistics on race and gender in the county workforce”. I cannot believe this! Has the HR department gotten so sloppy that the Director does not even know if diversity stats even exist? Did they eliminate the affirmative action officer? Unbelievable. .

    As far as Do’s “concerns” count me in as a skeptic. I bet he knows just who he will drop into the newly created “diversity” position. After all, he likes political hacks.

  • Paul Lucas

    The County needs to focus on corruption beginning with Do and his handler Janet Nguyen.