• Trudy White

    Okay, Doc, you want to point fingers. Tell me this, there are many people who use these medications as directed. They must have them to control horrific pain from incurable diseases. They need them to be able to go to work or live their lives and not spend it in bed. This nonsensical swing in hysterical attitudes has made it extremely difficult for these people to get the medication they neeed. What are they supposed to do? I don’t see you offering up solutions, just wagging your judgmental finger at people you know nothing about. So until you walk a mile in their pain wracked shoes, why don’t you zip it?

  • Lyanna Lyns

    Give me a break. There is a huge difference between dependency and addiction. Dependency is taking a medication that is necessary to control pain, to work or function. Addiction is to get high. And doctors can cluck cluck all they like, but they are the ones who were handing out Vicodin, Norco, Demoral and Oxy like candy, thanks to kickbacks from the drug companies. The fact that people who genuinely suffer pain conditions and now have to fight for their meds is ridiculous and criminal.

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