• LPA Gov

    It’s a myth that 80% funding is adequate and safe. According to the American Academy of Actuaries, “Left unchallenged, this (80% funding) misinformation can gain undue
    credibility with the observer, who may accept and in turn rely on it
    as fact, thereby establishing a mythic standard.” Further, the Academy states, “Pension
    plans should have a strategy in place to attain or maintain a funded
    status of 100% or greater over a reasonable period of time.”

  • the714

    Correct this article … I’m paying 20.5% to OCERS every two weeks, so 17% is certainly not the “maximum allowed by law” – I sure wish it was! And despite its public posturing, the County continues to press hard for further employee concessions while pleading poverty and offering next to nothing in return. These are the same employees who haven’t had a COLA in years and gave up contracted raises when the County was truly in hard times. How soon the County forgets.

  • Diego Vega

    “Most county employees, led by those represented by the Orange County Employees Association (OCEA), now pay as much as 17 percent of their pay into their pensions, the maximum amount allowed by law.”

    What? Most County employees pay 20% to 22% out of every paycheck, except cops and fire fighters who still pay a net ZERO toward their pensions.