• Martin Armies

    Interesting quote by Councilmember Tinajero: “I am not, not have I ever been, in favor of giving a developer a break,”. That was a clear dig at Sarmiento whose $5 million gift with $2 million profit to his former Planning Commissioner buddy Mario Turner was pulled from the agenda at the last moment. My sources tell me that the 5 Councilmembers excluded from this, with his attempted railroading of staff into working/holding their noses on that transaction in lieu of a competitive process that may have generated a better deal for the City, are furious at him for his heavy handedness and blatant dishonest conflict of interest.

    Sarmiento’s 15 minutes are clearly up. The dude barely won in 2012 against a heavily outspent unknown. There are rumors of an investigation into his Santa Ana residency (apparently he really resides in Orange Park Acres) that may lead to voter fraud charges being filed (when this privately funded investigation is complete and the evidence is released to the public). Combine that with what sources say could be a potential whistleblower lawsuit and HUD investigation over the shady AMCAL dealings and big scandals are about to hit in Santa Ana. Looks like another City of Bell situation is coming! Get the popcorn!!

    The Wellness District folks are deluded if they think the City is going to work with them. Homeless problems are festering, an undermanned police force is barely able to keep the peace (or not given all the shootings taking place), overcrowding in substandard units is getting worse, city staff morale is at its lowest point ever and no one with any talent will work there. Yet, the Council still insists on giving paydays to their friends rather than do what’s best for Santa Ana residents. There is no leadership in the City now, no groundswell of energy to make a difference. The City is just trying to hang until the scandals engulf it.

    Heck, the hipster led renaissance in Downtown had nothing to do with anything City Hall did yet now they want to choke this success by raising parking rates?! And they are paying someone $500,000 a year to come up with that idea??!! No wonder the City still struggles and has a horrible reputation throughout the County and region. The leadership is just inept right now.

    Santa Ana: Where Progress and Prosperity Goes To Get Snuffed Out

  • 6eaie2

    Subsidies are embedded in many supply and production chains, yet people often don’t associate those subsidies with the end products. For example, corn farmers receive significant subsidies, whether their farm products are converted to methanol for fuel or pulverized to make Doritos and other corn-based, long-shelf-life junk food. Yet the raw materials that comprise a healthy diet, such as highly perishable fresh fruits and vegetables, don’t receive those subsidies and the distributors, not the farmers, take most of the risk. That requires prices for fresh food to be higher to compensate for the short shelf life of the product.

    Since fresh food is often very expensive compared to preserved food, we really need to shift at least some of the subsidies to the distribution chain to enable lower income people to buy more of them, thereby improving access to healthier ingredients.

    A wellness district need not have geographical boundaries to be effective.

  • Steve W.

    “Another aspect of the proposal – a mercadito – would provide Santa Ana’s Latino merchants with an important opportunity to sell their arts and goods, said Omar De La Riva”

    Huh? The city is going to operate an indoor marketplace,in which only Latinos can operate a business? Is that even legal, let alone right? It’s like we’ve come full circle to the days of separate-but-equal.