• KateD

    I have witnessed, myself, employees of the County going to the DA and begging for help with horrific abuses and corruption cases. If it isn’t sexy enough, or involve an enemy of Tony R, they do nothing. Millions of dollars stolen from the taxpayers and from private citizens, and the DA does nothing.

  • octaxpayer

    I heard 240 Pub def were cut . Is this true?

    • Dartmouth Worried

      Sounds unlikely as they only have 350 or so employees.

  • Debby Bodkin

    If I missed it in the audit, please let me know. What about demanding accountability for the $1 million in funds granted to the DA for PUBLIC CORRUPTION crimes? This DA has worn out his welcome in the OC and until the USDOJ/FBI step in, nothing will change.

  • Paul Lucas

    Its difficult to have faith in an audit that was paid for by the OCDA which will not allow transparency in the process.