• Rose72

    Nguyen’s proposed amendment is just a political move on her part to further her career and a waste of time for the legislative body of politicians who see 1000s of bills every year. Nguyen was simply dishonest when she was on the OC Board of Supervisors and during her campaign for Senator. Can any of the council members name anything she actually did for your cities? Its unfortunate that Orange County has so few qualified and honest candidates to choose from during elections or she would have never made it.

  • David Zenger

    We ought to be demanding UCI refund the cost of her “education” to the taxpayers.

  • @Dan Chmielewski

    Its a First Amendment issue; government can’t make any laws restricting freedom of speech. Even if Nguyen’s bill passes, it will never hold up in court

    • kburgoyne

      Actually it says it’s a vote to support a constitutional amendment. As an amendment it would trump the First Amendment.

      Of course this exercise is entirely a childish waste of time. What this country really needs is a constitutional amendment to get money out of politics, end the resultant political corruption, and reaffirm the original Founders view of corporations being nothing more than legally invented servants of the state. THAT would be a constructive use of these people’s time.

  • Paul Lucas

    A gunman was seen roaming the campus of UCI during this controversy. Does anyone know why he was there? He was released after he showed CCW Permit.

    • dc matthews

      WOW! any more details on this?