• Larry Leaman

    Dana Point Harbor is a unique public-private partnership between facility operators and merchants and the county taxpayers. The land and water area is owned by the county, and as the landlord the county shares in the revenue generated by the merchants and facility operators. Much different then when a local chamber of commerce asks its city or county for a subsidy, this is a business partnership with the county taxpayers benefiting from the revenues generated by the public that purchases goods and services in the harbor. I was involved in helping launch this harbor business model in the early 1970’s and the result is a marine center of commerce, education and recreation second to none. Revenues generated in the harbor fund its operation and will help finance the planned harbor refurbishment, so it is in the best interests of the county taxpayers that business is generated there. This business model works and the Supervisors need to continue this partnership so it will continue to be an outstanding regional recreation asset for boaters and non-boaters alike..