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  • Philmore

    This STINKS! Well, if we are to accept an “investment value” appraisal of the parking lot, then how about an “investment value” appraisal of the HOUSE received in exchange? That would presumably include rent and appreciation over the years ? Or can apples now be compared to pomegranites, since they’re both red ? And do we REALLY have to hold our breath to learn what his BFF our (alleged) DA will find?

  • Justin Case

    The caption on the photo of Pulido seems off a bit. I think it should say “Ah, the fine’s only this big. I’m sure someone will give me a zero-interest loan this big?” Hey, I’m worth it, I’m the Mayor! My influence is at least this big.

  • Trudy White

    *slow clap* How exciting. They slap Pulido around on this, but have not lifted a finger against Janet Nguyen or the other bigger fish who are engaged in much worse conduct. Are we supposed to believe that this means they are cleaning up the Rotten Orange? Not a chance.

    • Rose72

      Trudy, in regards to Janet Nguyen, are you referring to” $34,000 in contributions to Nguyen’s supervisor and state Senate campaigns from five unrelated individuals who listed an upscale home in Placentia as their primary residence” as the Voice reported? If so,as far as I know the “home owners” have not paid their property taxes either. Maybe that’s another perk you get if you have any of these “ties,” no property tax.

      • Trudy White

        That, and the million dollar slush fund she had at Caloptima that disappeared. Or the contributions from medical providers who were scamming MediCal.