• Joanna Clark

    We’re insane. Thousands of new homes being built and by the time they are finished, we may be out of water.

  • 6eaie2

    Will the city of Yorba Linda have the guts to block the development by not annexing those neighborhoods? Just watch the next few Council elections for huge campaign contributions by the developer and the wealthiest business coalition in the county: the Building Industry Association of OC.

    The Supervisors are irresponsible. Fighting wildfires is a severe strain on state and local finances, yet their decision obligates taxpayers’ money to fund those uncontrollable wildfire suppression costs.

    Wildfire risks are predictable and the costs of controlling them is uncontrollable. The state needs to step up by requiring local jurisdictions to pay 100% of the costs of protecting new developments from wildfires.

    Local leaders cannot continue to hide behind a veil of ignorance.

  • dc matthews

    Is this going to be more housing priced for foreign buyers and not help the local residents of OC with the unaffordable housing for most problem? Maybe they should be asked to build for the local OC residents needs as the Gops complain when section8 and Vash for vets are used, but want to build only more unaffrodable, creating a need for more long term govt assistance?

    • OCNewswatcher

      If you’re looking for “affordable” housing. Try Fullerton, Brea, Chino or Riverside all low cost for the local residence of OC.
      We are talking Yorba Linda.
      Whining about no “affordable” housing and lack of public transportation in a city that has one of the highest household incomes in the country (and all that can be said about the types of people who earn that kind of money) seems insincere.
      I mean, really, a low income, struggling family might want to look to East of YL for that affordable housing.

      • Peter Tam

        Yeah…Brea costs more than Yorba Linda..so does Fullerton, as it is nearer to the urban core. Every city is required by law to have affordable housing. It’s good for the health of the community to have people of all income levels live there. Yorba Linda is really, really boring and it’s Costco doesn’t even have a gas station. They also vetoed a Metrolink Station, subjecting it’s residents to a long commute. That’s not good for the long term health of its citizens.

  • octaxpayer

    more open space gone. Todd your my Sup and maybe you should listen more to your voters. You have been a big disappointment to my family. I see nothing will change with the BOS or County agencies and one reason I also quit working at the County. To much corruption.. You guys make me sick.

  • OCNewswatcher

    We have a cabal of pro high development members on the YL city council.
    Follow the money folks.

    • dc matthews

      How about some high rise mixed high end and affordable condo housing with green space and amenities all can enjoy -and added mass transport to mitigate traffic impact?

      • OCNewswatcher

        Why not just turn Yorba Linda into downtown Manhattan then.
        Or better yet, lets just copy downtown LA and all the great things that come with high density housing.

        • Peter Tam

          What’s your problem?

  • kburgoyne

    #1. What was the original planning of the roads that are intended as arteries to this new area? Were they originally planned to handle the capacity both during an emergency and as a matter of everyday use and maintenance impact? If the new capacity requirements were not included within the original road approvals, why have things “magically” changed just because somebody is waving around campaign bribes… errr… ummm… sorry my bad, I meant “contributions”.

    #2. How do the prices of these proposed homes relate to the income of the people who account for the claimed “50,000 to 62,000 units” of unmet demand? If we were to build 50,000 new homes on waterfront property in Newport Beach, would those homes at associated prices fulfill the demand? Or is perhaps the level of demand for new homes at the proposed supply price significantly lower, and therefore quoting the 50,000 number is misleading.

  • Gunny98

    “Supervisor Todd Spitzer, meanwhile, pointed out that the developer would be paying for new water reservoirs, which he said would be “a big enhancement to the water delivery system for the entire community.””

    Where does the water come from?

    • dc matthews

      Nestle? 😉

  • MatrixHater

    Money talks- safety of human beings walks.