• jcwconsult

    NO US city should deal with Redflex. There are or will be federal bribery investigations in as many as 12 states. Some 76 California communities have ended red light cameras or banned them before any were used. Garden Grove should join that list.
    James C. Walker, Life Member – National Motorists Association

  • I hope Garden Grove shuts down their program. I never got cited but I did see a camera flash with no one running the red lights when I was completing a turn onto Valley View from Lampson one night. I think the cameras may have been going through a test at that moment. Lampson is not enforced, but Valley View going southbound is. In my case, I was headed east on Lampson, turning to head north on Valley View and already in the intersection when it turned red and flashed.

  • DiegoHenry

    Santa Ana closed on the 21st, and even if GG closes theirs, red light cameras will remain in other cities (such as Los Alamitos and Cerritos), so here is info on how to cope if you get a ticket.

    1. If it’s from a location in LA County, it can be ignored, as the LA county
    court system does not report ignored camera tickets to the DMV. Skeptical? Search: red light camera no consequence.

    2. No matter what county it’s from, check to see if it is a Snitch Ticket, the fake/phishing tickets many California cops send out to bluff car owners into IDing the actual driver. Snitch Tickets say, at the top, This is Not a Ticket, and you can ignore them too! Search: Snitch Ticket.

  • Paul Lucas

    I thought these were declared unconstitutional a while back.