• Debby Bodkin

    Loyola Law School in Los Angeles is one of the best in the country. I only wish that Laurie L. Levenson understood the importance of distancing herself from OC District Attorney Rackauckas and was not a part of another one of Rackauckas’ PR stunts. Hopefully, Ms. Levenson will use Rackauckas as an example to show Loyola law students how to NOT practice law.

    Why does DA Rackauckas need another Committee to justify his and others under his supervision violations of the law? Whoever labeled him Teflon Tony were right on!

  • John Claxton

    Oh great – another investigation done by lawyers. The county will no doubt claim Sorry Voice, attorney client privledge.

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  • Paul Lucas

    Mr Dalton can you tell us how one can bring a case to this committee for review? Norbert do you know how?

    • Dartmouth Worried

      Why don’t you send it to Laurie Levenson, her contact info should be easy to find as she is a law professor at Loyola and has a good reputation.

      • Paul Lucas

        Are you a DDA or a DPD?

        • Dartmouth Worried


  • OCservant_Leader

    All cases- since T-Rack became DA need to be reviewed.

    He has tainted the entire system.

    I agree with previous statement – the Prosecutorial misconduct is way beyond the scope of this committee.

    It may buy some time – to prepare parachutes for fall guys.

  • Paul Lucas

    The corruption doesn’t end at the high profile cases that launched this inquiry. It is systemic all the way down to overcharging simple possession cases as intent to sell wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars in run of the mil cases attempting to inflate them to higher convictions for the sake of promotion and increases in salaries and bonuses for individual DDA’s.

    • Dartmouth Worried

      DA’s do get bonuses and if they did how would overcharging drug possession cases help? Last time I checked you could get away with a class and a DNA swab for possession cases.

      • Paul Lucas

        Climbing the ladder at the OCDAs office requires a collection of convictions as well as the voracity of those conviction rates as a percentage of cases they are tasked with. Thus the seeking of justice in cases takes a back seat to the seeking of higher charges and convictions of Voracity meaning the intensity of the charges.
        The overcharging of cases is routine in the OCDAs office in order to secure convictions form defendants as quickly as possible by way of intimidation and threat of excessive incarceration for the actual offense committed. I assume you would consider a punishment of 120 days in jail for simple possession first time offense and denial of PC 1000, and or Prop 36 drug court 11377 (a) is too stern in 2014?

  • David Zenger

    I would like to see an independent review of all the cases that were prosecuted by the DA based on perjury by the police and known to be fraudulent by prosecutors; and how many subsequent charges of perjury were filed.

    My estimate would be lots and lots; and none.