• Bruce Byrd

    This is a good thing notice how all negativism is not a face to it

  • BeeBee.BeeLeaves

    This Great Wolf development is huge and right in our faces. I am looking forward to the autumn season, right before El Nino hits, when surely, they will be planting Moso timber bamboo all around that southeast corner. That humongous Little Tykes on steroids funnel and pipes needs coverage. Moso bamboo gets to be 100 feet tall and will effectively block that plastic from our daily view. It is rude to have designed it to face the very low income neighborhoods that will never be able to take their children there. Not.Nice.
    That the attraction is butted right next to the curb makes it even more blatant. Residents cannot put high fencing around their home closer than 24 feet from the curb, and yet this huge thing is okay to be that close. Special considerations for these huge companies, and none for the neighborhoods. Amazing double standards.
    And hey, does Great Wolf have to pay flood insurance like the east side, Grove District perimeter homeowners have been made to pay in order to finance all that the work on Harbor Blvd. Paid for by FEMA appropriated funding. Thanks Congresswoman Sanchez. You sure do fight for them hotels. All the homes that were eventually razed for the hotels? They were removed from the flood insurance maps so that the hotels would not have to worry about it when they took over, grabbed, the land. The working stiffs around them pay between 800-3000 a year! Congresswoman? Any answers to this? We have asked you for years to “esplain”.

  • Ponytail__

    The water park is for hotel guests only. Local residents still have to use their backyard swimming pool. The hotel and water park is incredibly ugly eyesore.But hey, Garden Grove is just the pathway to Disneyland

  • dc matthews

    It is water-smart to have Community water features vs back yard pools etc for a SFD. What we need to look at is BIZ fountains and other water used as decor. Unless its helping to sustain wildlife THAT is misuse. WE need to look at lawns and yard areas that are not being used to grow food and rethink all that.

  • Paul Lucas

    This “water park” was a bad idea when it was conceived and its an even worse idea now. Scrap it.

    • BeeBee.BeeLeaves

      Too late Paul. There are 232 green card investors (EB-5) which invested $116 million (500K each) green backs in order to not be wet backs. That is how some of the funding to build this was structured after the State of California pulled the Redevelopment plug/rug from under them. I just hope these investors were vetted by the State department.

  • Smeagel4T

    Well actually… the optics may be bad, but since this water park is indoors it is probably more water efficient than people’s backyard swimming pools. It may very well be a way for people to cool off in the summer that is more water efficient than other existing options. Is the local high school or college swimming pool any more or less water efficient?

  • David Zenger

    Good to see Bill Murray is still doing comedy.