• John Claxton

    Boy they sure paint a rosey picture. Wish it was true. Prop 47 was a big loser for crime in Orange County. They are no longer incarcerating minors who commit crimes due to drug offences. Little Johnnie fails 3 out of 4 drug tests in a month. While he was high, he breaks into his neighbors car and steals the radio and DVD player to buy drugs. Not only does little Johnnie not get any time for this, the Probation Department is spending a lot of money to reward criminals – Johnnie gets a brand new bicycle simply because he reported 3 out of 4 times (and eventhough all three of his drug tests came back positive. Talk to some of the Probation deputies and get the real picture. It’s not so rosey.

    • Paul Lucas

      Wrong. They get prosecuted for the offenses but get alternative or restorative justice for the drug use and offenses.

      • John Claxton

        Paul, where is it that you get your information from? I worked for the dept for over 10 years and a lot of my friends are PO’s. I know what I’m talking about here. Why would a PO file a petition knowing that a kid is only going to get 5 days from a softy judge who thinks Johnnie just needs some direction (and a new bicycle).

    • Brandon

      its good that they are being less strict….thats better, less tax dollars wasted on low lives. If they break in to your hose you have the right to defend yourself. But they wont, your good its just becoming more relaxed like europe.