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  • Jane Rands

    These stories show that more frequent and dependable bus service would help people who are hard working, responsible, and educated. Why aren’t their needs better supported by OCTA through expanded and improved service?

    Instead OCTA spends an overwhelmingly larger portion of our transit funds on car drivers’ needs, ostensibly, for the people who are better off. At least Measure M2 funds collected as a sales tax ought to have a larger portion earmarked for public transit, especially since this regressive tax more greatly impacts those with less means.

    If bus service was improved in the OC, it would be a viable option for people currently driving cars. It could also translate into fewer neighborhoods dismantled by ever expanding roads and freeways, fewer cars on the road, and less noxious emissions that impact everyone’s health and quality of life.

    What is it going to take to make transit users a priority for the OCTA?