• OCVoter

    Voice of OC, let’s be real here. Aguirre was NOT “wrongfully pushed out of middle school for talking and being disruptive in class”. Section 48915 of the Education Code lists the behaviors that lead to expulsion. “talking and being disruptive in class” is not even close to being one of them. The OC Dept of Ed. gave him a second chance by placing him in ACCESS, giving him an opportunity to graduate & succeed. Aguirre was failed first and foremost by his family (or lack thereof) NOT the system. The system was left picking up the pieces left by the neglectful parents. Parents need to step up and be held accountable BEFORE stones are thrown.

  • Gunny98

    Weren’t his parents concerned about his unruly behavior at say 10, 11, 12 years old.

  • Jason Sanchez

    How is it that when a bunch of these guys go around bullying people at school for a good laugh, no one seems to care yet when they end up in the streets and get what’s coming to them, there’s a full scale riot? If this kid’s playing with guns chances are he was also a bully in elementary and jr high. I say life in prison’s a suitable punishment. I saw a bunch of losers like this bullying a kid back in elementary so I ended up being the first friend he ever made. Now a bunch of the kids that bullied him are high school dropouts and in gangs.

  • Paul Lucas

    VOC Please help get Jesus out of prison and put that Buena Park PD corrupt cop in his place.

  • David Zenger

    But isn’t it really all about violent video games and recognizing (the right kind of) victims.

    Just wait and watch the next election for DA to see the jail-industrial complex in action.