• DiegoHenry

    Los Alamitos is small potatoes – they have only three cameras – but even
    small potatoes, when rotten, smell really bad. The most obvious indicator
    of something rotten in Los Alamitos is that the price they agreed to pay for
    the cameras is twice the rent paid by other SoCal cities having just a few
    cameras. Covina, Del Mar and Solana Beach are examples.

    On the positive side, a Los Al councilmember announced, during the council meeting, that Redflex had that morning agreed to remove the $30,000 early cancellation penalty the company had slipped into the proposed contract amendment. Without that penalty clause, the city will be able to cancel on 30 daysnotice. (The existence of that “poison pill” was brought to the city’s attention by members of the public.)

    In Garden Grove, the council did allow the operation to continue, but also ordered staff to come back to the council with a better statistical analysis of accidents. That slap to the staff’s face occurred because a member of the public submitted his own very detailed analysis using proper statistical methods and that analysis showed that the cameras haven’t made a statistically significant dent in accident rates. I think that once the council has a proper statistical analysis that has been “invented here,” they will vote to remove the cameras.

    And, for those who have taken the time to read down to here, here is your prize, a “get out of jail free” card you can use if you’ve received a red light camera ticket in LA County, your close neighbor to the north. The LA County Superior Court – our nation’s largest court system – has acted to put a lid on the out of control fines. The LA County court will not turn you in to the DMV if you don’t respond to a red light camera ticket issued by a city in the county. Or by the LA-MTA. Hard to believe to you can ignore those tickets? Search red light camera no consequence.

    Be careful out there!