• Michael Chew

    As a commercial property manager I have managed properties in Santa Monica, Downey, Anaheim, etc. and have seen first hand the issues that the homeless have wrought upon my clients. Fight the 1000 Kraemer Pl site as HARD as you can! If it is not defeated then as an owner you will face increased operating costs as well as decreased property values and lease rates. If you lease you will have the opportunity to move at the end of your term, however, moving is expensive as it entails both hard and soft costs, not to mention the time and hassle.

  • Cynthia Ward

    Well golly gee whiz, if the City actually used the Karcher site for the shelter, which is the purpose they claimed to have purchased it for, then they could not use the land to expand La Palma Park all the way out to the freeway, and the “La Palma Park Expansion Master Plan” (which has not been authorized by anyone, seen by anyone, or otherwise heard of after Mayor Daly left office right up until Jordan Brandman made it his hot button) would not be well on its way to making one of Brandman’s key donors rich with a no bid contract under Anaheim’s new design-build deals. We DO recall that Jordan Brandman was the one who told Christine Ridge to move the shelter because he found a better location than Karcher. Right?

    • Cynthia Ward

      for those in the Canyon just now waking up to the reality of Anaheim City Hall and their very twisted view on the City, here is a quick tutorial;

      The Canyon is filled with a bunch of independent small
      businesses, who appear to be dismissed by City Hall for the following reasons;

      A) they are not dependent upon City Hall to subsidize their existence, thus leaving them free of economic control by the Kleptocracy. We can’t have that now, can we? In fact, finding a common threat that brings those businesses within the fold of those who “owe”
      The Masters of the Universe might be a nice side benefit to City Hall in this mess. But at the very least the independence of these businesses means they are not part of the special insiders’ club and their voices are not hear by 3 of 5.

      B) Small family owned businesses tend to spot the Chamber of Commerce for the big corporate enablers they have become, and forego the opportunity to pick up Todd Ament’s bar tab without resulting benefits to themselves. And just as City Hall fails to honor the rights of businesses (or residents) that fail to bow to the Council
      majority, they would also be reluctant to gear any long term policy decisions that ultimately benefit those not underwriting the much-used hammer in the toolbox that the Chamber has become.

      C) If we permit small businesses independent of the control of the Council and/or their lackeys at the Chamber to thrive, they might actually offer decent jobs to Anaheim citizens, eventually leading Anaheim’s workforce to believe they might have a way out of their dead end low paying Resort jobs, and we wouldn’t want anything to interfere with the Resort’s ability to keep a lid on costs by maintaining the status quo of low wage labor lacking other options in other
      employment sectors.

      Cynical? Yep, way too many Tuesday spent watching these thugs operate. But show me one element of this somewhat tongue in cheek tutorial that is not on some level truthful.

      • David Zenger

        No, you are exactly right. The very types of businesses that a Chamber of Commerce should be working for have no voice in Anaheim.

        Hopefully Todd Spitzer’s Dog and Pony Show on the 30th will be well-attended by people with “skin in the game.” Spitzer, who nothing at stake but his pride, will fold up like a cheap tent, especially when he realizes that he got hoodwinked by the Anaheim Kleptocracy into touting the Kraemer Place site.

        And in the end, there is the Karcher site – three acres at a million per acre, just sitting there – purchased as a site for a homeless facility – a silent monument to the pernicious greed of Anaheim’s ruling clique.

      • cynthia curran

        Well, the resort thing has it good and bad. There is management also, service jobs can a bum rap but there are a lot of low paying jobs that attract immigrants who tend to have larger families than the East side managers and tech companies. I thought the shelter was in a low income areas since it was near adult entertainment. It should have been done in Fullerton or Santa Ana and so forth and yes the movement is toward As for Amazon it had unfair competition against bookstores that had to pay the taxes. Jeff Bezos is so rich that he has Blue Origin, the space company since that is not done online Actually, in the redevelopment area Anaheim can pushed Disneyland to do start up companies since they are doing them at Santa Monica and Burbank and some of the redevelopment area in Artic can be non-hotel and restaurant. WHat is interesting is Cynthia Ward opposes taxing Amazon while some Republicans believe in the fair tax which would get rid of ihe income tax and be based upon sales tax.