• gazoo

    Doesnt the DA have enough on its plate with the “snitch” scandal……..???…..i guess the suit against budweiser is not to far away for “making” people alcoholics…

  • dc matthews

    Lawyers who only get paid if they win have less incentive? huh? Heroin addicts are all people who didn’t get their pain meds? what? As a person in pain who does not abuse pain meds, i am glad to see this nonsensical suit that, with a few other baseless complaints, does really harm Mds desire to write RXs to ease suffering, tossed in the trash. Slippery slope logic that aspirin leads to pain meds leads to Rx abuse and then shooting up at a party or in an alley with heroin. (Do note how Marijuana which is the more common substitute/addition to pain meds was left out of that slippery slope equation).

    How about unmonitored drinking to self medicate physical or mh issues more often leads to addiction and other unmonitored heavier stuff? That mauyhave some facts to back it up. Taxing the liquor industry to cover all the costs of all the non RX substance abuse. $1 a bottle of wine or 25C a glass/beer bottle should be easy enough to swallow and could more legitimately help fund substance abuse and related costs including justice ,shelter and mh rehab and the longer term supports needed to keep people sober.

  • David Zenger

    Kim, please re-write so we readers can tell who is actually saying what. There are sentences that don’t make any sense and I’m not sure whom to blame.

    • OCservant_Leader

      Kim would make an excellent OC County Manager!

      It sounds important but you can’t actually decipher its purpose.