• Philmore

    “Former State Senator Lou Correa
    understands the importance of making sure that government is both
    efficient and effective, and that precious taxpayer dollars should be
    protected and used wisely”…..

    What a steaming shovelful. Perhaps Controller Chiang was unaware of
    the EX SENATORs recent appearance before the Anaheim City Council ,
    where, after regaling a silently groaning audience with the same
    almost-memorized-by-now stories of “growing up in Anaheim and running
    around under the orange trees”, he spoke in support of the AUHSDs
    latest attempt to fill its budgetary sinkhole by back-door double
    billing taxpayers via a new “line item in the City Budget” for AUHSD.
    How nice. Instead of AUHSD putting more pressure on corporate tool
    politicos like Correa to DO THEIR JOBS and secure ADEQUATE funding from the APPROPRIATE avenues, and BEFORE soliciting PRIVATE SECTOR “partnership funding”, (too much like WORK??) let’s sidestep a PUBLIC vote or debate and get only FIVE “feel good” Council votes (“OH! it’s
    for the KIDS !!”) to tap yet ANOTHER perpetual siphon hose into the
    taxpayers wallet! (And THIS in a city that STILL LACKS full POLICE
    STAFFING !) EVEN BETTER, THIS one removes the transparency,
    accountability, and context of how the money is spent, (Repeat, “OH,
    it’s for the KIDS !!”) by straddling two disparate agencies, first, to TAX the
    money through the City, but then grant SPENDING CONTROL to AUHSD, once the new CONDUIT becomes an accepted FIXTURE and fades from view (BUT NOT from COST !!!) HOW LONG before they are before, say, the Vector Control Board, asking for a line item THERE ? I would say “Shame !” if they were capable of any. And as a topper, isn’t it so nice of SANTA ANA resident Correa to cheer on
    ANAHEIM to further spending (and taxes!) for which HE will not see ONE
    PENNY of responsibility for ?!!! Such a guy!!!