• gazoo

    Very well said…..looks like the BOS thinks the people of OC are dumb…. Doesnt take to much to see that this office is there to give the state and feds the idea that there is oversight when actually there is not… Window dressing….

  • Paul Lucas

    Excellent op-ed Norberto

    • Kathleen Tahilramani


  • David Zenger

    One of Moorlach’s favorite expressions: if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.

    The current system has no objective way of being measured because all of Connolly’s so-called accomplishments are of the evanescent, fuzzy, feel-good kind that are easily attributable to a better run department. Connolly is counsel to both the Sheriff AND the BoS, a sure-fire recipe for getting nothing done.

    The idea of contracting with Gennaco to fix the ridiculous situation his protege finds himself in after seven years is absurd. And to spend $27,000 a month to figure out what’s wrong with this picture by the same people who painted the picture, suggests gross incompetence.

    Here’s thought: since Hutchens wants a paper tiger in HER menagerie, let the cost come out of HER budget.

  • Jasenn Zaejian, Ph.D.

    Hutchin’s statement of refusal to cooperate with any outside review is a symptom that belies the truth of OIR programs or proposals. Even though her rhetoric appears to be supportive of citizen reviews. What is needed are body cameras that cannot be turned off, worn by all police and corrections officers interacting with the public and or incarcerated individuals; stiff penalties for failure to wear a body camera, and a truly independent citizens council with subpeona powers, that has immediate access to all police video footage in the Cloud..independent from any government or public official or those having sympathies with public and/or police officials, not a euphemism called OIR.