• OCservant_Leader

    The only reason OC GOP hate unions is because the $$$ is locked up in workers pay.

    They want to break the unions so they can outsource HUGE MULTI MILLION DOLLAR contracts (IT for example) then they can put the kickbacks in their own pocket. Service?? Who cares. This is about a lot of taxdollars finding its way into the elite’s pockets.

    Plus the added benefit of no accountability as that goes to the contractor and then they can employ 100 lawyer friends to mediate and sue for life of contract.

    The history of Unions is not well known AND history will repeat itself if we lose this takeover.

    Unions unite to take out this Board of Supes!

    • octaxpayer

      I wish someone would look into the real cost around the IT. Yes , CIO Christina came up with a contract with a bunch of false info and items left out. Someone needs to review the total facts of cost associated with all the IT projects , on going operations that was left out of the contract. MR KC IT dir. knows how to hide and distort the facts of actual cost. Let see a trend metrics of how this or any IT contract will save. Most CIO’s care about cost, but not at this county. SAIC knows the game well and will spell out items left out and just say sorry no can do, unless you modify or open special cost item. This hides real cost.