• Jasenn Zaejian

    Pat & dc Matthews: International research establishes that a “housing first” model supporting consumer generated ideas for relevant job training (relevant to the homeless person’s interest, not the bureaucrats interest) and other supportive services eliminates most homelessness in communities.

  • Pat

    Establishing a “Housing First” model that offers housing along with wrap around services now will go a long way to address our county’s shameful homeless crisis. Check out Salt Lake City for their success in addressing chronic homelessness. It’s time to act, there are numerous agencies in the wings ready to implement this program now. Just do it!

    • dc matthews

      There needs to be housing long term supportive for recovering substance abusers just out of jail or with severe dd or active psychosis so they can succeed and so they dont get quicky supports and get left to fail in section8 an VASH making landlords not want to rent to anyone . There needs to be more safe affordable accessible using section8 and Vash for others w/ physical and mh disability and the poor near the schools .

  • Gunny98

    Orange County Community Services already has a Homeless Prevention Coordinator. Why not expand his/her responsibilities rather than create another management, high cost, position within the County. That is unless they want to give a job to one of the Supervisors or former Supervisors EA’s.

    • dc matthews

      Clearly they do not ,or i would not have lost housing. OC HA had no one at the County to refer me to in 2013. Only to outside agencies that did no prevention and also do not help single disabled female vets in OC.

  • Cynthia Ward

    The local non profits are well equipped with this info, PLEASE tap into them and get help!

    • dc matthews

      Please tap in to someone who will help single disabled adults and not leave us last or not at all. There is not enough safe accessible housing and families are gettingthe lower no stairs units we need.

  • Jasenn Zaejian

    Each Supervisor has assistants and access to data base development professionals. Why spend needless money for another political appointee, when the current Board, or Supervisor Do can effect a solution for homelessness, given all the massive scientific literature available, world wide, on effective programs that end homelessness in communities?

  • Paul Lucas

    This is actually kind of a good idea but knowing OC BOS it will be some patronage position that will focus on anything BUT helping the homeless. I cronyism in the future here.