• Christy Raney

    I applaud supervisor Todd Spitzer for taking Karma’s death sentence case to the County of Supervisors for intervention. There is no need to kill the dog when the Wolf Sanctuary in Lucerne is willing and able to keep her. I do not think Karma will pose any more danger to small animals or small children than the hundreds of wild bears and lions our government places in sanctuaries throughout the United states, including California and Orange County.

  • Bob Brock

    If the dog can be saved the dog should be saved. Pure and simple. All it takes is political will and the backbone to stand up to County staff and say, no… you cannot kill Karma.

  • Kathleen Tahilramani

    If only Spitzer cared about the civic center homeless as much as Karma the wolf-dog. He drives out to the desert looking for a home for this illegal pet but can’t be bothered to walk 60 feet to witness the decades of misery at the civic center. This is just a cooked up ploy to get everyone to forget about his gun toting handcuffing Wahoo’s fiasco.

  • OCservant_Leader

    County officials decision to murder Karma…even though a sanctuary will take him – is another great example of why these POLITICIANS should not be meddling in the operations of the bureaucracy at the micro-level.

    They appointed all of the officials who collectively came to the BAD decisions to kill the wrong animals and let the civic center homeless situation become a crisis.

    This BS- is the EAs COS mastermind puppet show to distract the public and then with a dramatic finish…Spitzer will save the dog and be a hero. Really?

    Meanwhile the County burns.