• Eric Andrist

    Why is this necessarily a bad thing? You can put anything in a list and make it seem bad. We have a right in this country to take someone to court. We also have protections in place that sanction people and lawyers for bringing frivolous lawsuits.

    What we should be concerned about is that in California, and many other states, we have laws like MICRA which prevent victims of medical negligence from going to court. That law has been on the books since 1975 and limits pain and suffering damages to $250,000. MANY victims have no economic damages and that’s the only thing they can sue for, thereby making it so that lawyers cannot afford to take their cases. The amount has never been raised to match inflation. Today that amount is worth only about $56,000.

    I think we should be concerned about lists compiled by business owners that try and take away our right to our court system. Doctors falsely complained in 1975 and we ended up with MICRA for the last 40 years, preventing most victims from ever getting to court.

    Going to court is our right. We should be focusing on why so many businesses need to be sued in the first place, not the punish the people who have been harmed by them!