• RyanCantor

    Hey! Look at all the money I’m getting!

    Is it relevant that my votes have helped enrich these parties in the past?

    NOPE. Nothing to see here.

    Hey, has anyone updated my Wikipedia profile lately?

  • David Zenger

    “Others might spend their energy on flashy DC and Sacramento endorsements”

    Or they could get the endorsements of a bunch of no-name school trustees including some from relic districts that should have been consolidated a hundred years ago.

    Say, Jordan, does that cash include the $25,000 you got paid for a plagiarized, make-work “report” doled out by Tom Daly? Just curious.

    P.S. why did you spend $3,000,000 to buy land for a homeless shelter off Karcher Way, only to ditch it a few months later and trot out that useless site on Kraemer Place. Curious about that, too.