• Rintrah

    No dishonor to the awardees, but Diamond may have smelled this one out… are these clowns scientologists? Their institute has had some scientology ish venues since its grand founding in 1993…. but even looking into these charlatans is dangerous.

    • Cynthia Ward

      The article is co-written by the VP of the Friends of the L. Ron Hubbard Foundation, and the Hall of Fame is housed at the Church of Scientology. I would say this has more than scientology “ish” about it. Crying shame, it is a good cause, promoting and encouraging educators who too often get overlooked in the priority scales of society when they should be among our top priorities. But getting in bed with the scientologists can’t end well. Run Dr. Pat. Run while you still can.

  • Paul Lucas

    Yaay. Finally some good news. Im happy for RYTMO for their receiving this recognition and Im even happier that RYTMO exists. Cheers and please keep it up.