• Jacki Livingston

    I love the way that the opponents talk about the homeless, as though they are all criminals and deviants. What a crock! Many of the most honorable, decent, caring and compassionate people I have met have been homeless. Many of them are veterans. Many are children. They act like they built some kind of jail or something. The site will no doubt have very strict rules, like SOS in Costa Mesa does, about loitering and such. The lack of decency, humanity and simple morality stuns me…oh, not about the homeless, but the spoiled brats in the community. Grow up, and stop labeling people you don’t deign to know. The location is ideal. How about some of the residents over there volunteer some time and be a part of the design and the rules set up? The multiple little sites would never work, because instead of one NIMBY pity party, there would be twenty. Enough is enough. No matter where they put it, people whine. Suck it up, buttercups. These people are not criminals. They are not deviants. Most of them are just like you, except that one thing or two knocked them off track. Anyone that wants to deny shelter to their fellow man, in the rain and the cold, doesn’t rate up on the human scale for me. Homeless people are just like you…well…they are generally nicer. If I were you folks, I would be more worried about the two swinger party houses in your neighborhood, or the convicted child molester down the block, or the meth dealer on the corner. And, yes, the swinger houses do advertise. Ah, there are none so blind as those who cannot see past their noses…

  • jcbl

    Why not move them into the ARTIC transportation center. That way at least someone would be using it.

    • Jacki Livingston


  • LFOldTimer

    Is there even one of you who truthfully believed that they would be denied a 3rd time and look like total morons? ha. Nothing other than chaos in the streets would have altered their decision. But most of us ordinary mortal commoners are too civilized for that. So they dumped a 200-bed homeless shelter at one location in OC to house all the OC homeless that will cause chaos for 100’s of residents and businesses in the area (which is an uncivilized act unto itself) – but then they have the power and the privileged perogative to perform uncivil acts on you. ha. That’s just the way it works in the land of the free and the home of the brave. The civilized way to solve the homeless problem would be to organize 15-20 much smaller homeless shelters throughout the county so that all of us could have some skin in the game. This should not be an Anaheim problem. All of us should carry some of the load. And with the correct leaders in office that task is certainly doable. Oh, it would take a little more planning and energy. But laziness abounds and the leaders we have specialize in quick fixes that causes inordinate pain to the targeted select few. And the great majority don’t care because it’s not it their backyard – it’s in somebody else’s backyard – and that’s acceptable. Do you think there woudl have been any chance of this shelter site being approved within a half-mile of a Supervisor’s home? Of the CEO’s home? Of County Counsel’s home? Of a Chief-of-Staff’s home? ha. A snowball’s chance in Hades. The approval of this homeless shelter essentially does 4 things:
    1. It gives the false impression that the execs care about the homeless.
    2. It’ll clear the homeless from the Civic Center (out of sight out of mind).
    3. It turns a Santa Ana problem into an Anaheim problem.
    4. It gives the pols some election season chest-beating bragging rights
    for transferring a problem from one section of the County to another.

  • David Zenger

    The only winner I see here is PringleCorp which has its greedy eye on the ten acres off Carl Karcher Way where a facility should have been built since the land was bought for that purpose. The Kraemer site was always just a diversion.

    Bravo, one and all.