• 6eaie2

    Will SoCal air quality be like every other commodity, i.e., “made in China?”

    Our regional Metropolitan Planning Organization agency, SCAG, predicts 4 million more people will live from Ventura County south (excluding SD) by 2040. Regionally, we drive 446 million miles by car every day. For OC, alone, OCTA predicts a population increase of 400,000, adding 1.4 million more avg daily car trips, and increasing the 30 minute commute to 80 minutes. By 2035, OCTA’s predictions mean OC residents will will spend nearly 3 hours of every day stuck in traffic. They won’t be spending time with their family. They won’t be helping kids with homework. They won’t be cooking wholesome meals. And thanks to the AQMD’s new business friendly leadership, they won’t be able to breathe, either. Paying for it all means taxpayers will lose money faster than our drought-stricken reservoirs lose water.

    How business friendly is that?

  • David Zenger

    CEQA adherence IS too expensive. But worse than that it’s mostly just a mammoth paper chase in which hand-chosen consultants make boatloads of cash as they help talk away real issues. At the County those consultants are some of the biggest campaign contributors.

    Politics trumps objective analysis every time as municipalities fall all over themselves to help developers dump “negative externalities” on the residents of their towns.

  • UnitedWeStand

    Oh yes, residents in Lake Forest are fed up with Mr. Robinson. Developer money has been a BIG issue. When we heard he was elected to AQMD, we thought a business in face masks would be profitable!!!. Mr. Robinson did not listen to the taxpayers when it came to correcting a badly designed road which was a safety hazard, until a petition was started to recall him and two other council members, Voigt and Hamilton. Now it is going to cost taxpayers more money to correct the problem. He is verbally abusive to fellow council members who do not agree with him and also rude to residents at city council meetings. In my opinion, he is a ticking bomb. I wouldn’t want my kids around him at Sunday school or anywhere else. I recognize businesses are important to our economy, but EVERYONE deserves equal and fair representation. If you want to see an example of “sandbox” politics, come to a Lake Forest city council meeting, but be prepared for a long night. It surprising anything gets done at all with all the antics!

  • Greg Diamond

    Can Robinson still be removed if the environmental proponents put up someone less ethically fraught than Pulido? And does the appointee have to be one of the people voting?

    Among the people who voted, Tita Smith of Orange and Christine Marick of Brea would seem reasonable if interested: both are smart, hard-working, have no ulterior motives here, and would seem uncontroversial.

    Normally, I would not propose such a move, but the concerns you raise about conflict of interest suggest that such an action might be appropriate. And if Marick were chosen, it would not even upset the partisan balance, as she is an NPP.

    Tait may like Robinson, but he’s still sensitive to appearances of impropriety. (And to my knowledge, he’s not hostile to the environment.) Pulido would presumably go along — and with the two largest OC cities casting their disproportionate votes, that’s a big head start towards the better result.