• Vic Ray

    You could build and furnish free condominiums and it wouldn’t solve the homeless problem. Affordable housing is only a small part of the issue. Most of the homeless in the Civic Center area have mental health and substance abuse issues and prefer life on the streets. Until someone figures out a way to adequately address the mental health and substance abuse issues, the problem will not go away. I would start with developing access to safe toilets, showers and a place to exchange/dispose of or launder clothing. These are basic needs that would provide immediate quality of life improvements for the homeless and the general public that come near them. It’s also a basic human dignity issue.

  • Jacki Livingston

    1. There is no SSA office anywhere near that bus terminal.
    2. Despite it being a former bus terminal, there are very few buses within walking distance that have far reaching routes. It is not even close to the Metrolink station.
    3. The HCA office is right there. There is no way that the higher ups at HCA will be willing to walk through the crowds of homeless to get to work. They barely tolerate county employees coming in for physicals.
    4. The things that the people who would use this need is simply not there. No SSA, no Social Security, no mental health, no medical clinic, no soup kitchen or food handouts, no cheapo fast food, no clothing handouts, no laundremats.

    The number one concern I would have is that this is a really dangerous traffic spot for pedestrians. That is one of the reasons the buses were moved. I have no personal stake in either place, but as someone who worked with a homeless population, this site makes no sense, other than being empty.

    Long reach bus routes are very important. Many homeless, particularly women and children, use buses and trains as a safe haven to sleep in.

  • David Zenger

    “the homeless shelter authorized for Anaheim won’t be up in time for this winter”

    It likely won’t be up for in time next winter, either. Of course my faith in County-run construction projects is very almost non-existant.

  • Bob Brock

    El Nino is going to hit and hit hard. Our wettest months are January February not November December. We’ve got time, but the clock is ticking.

  • Paul Lucas

    I think that they are actually hoping and trying to delay this project so El Nino will wash some of them out to sea down the SA River. No Joke.

  • LFOldTimer

    First off, forget about El Nino. In previous El Nino seasons we got a ton of rain by this time. The extended forecast through the end of the year shows very little rain. Less than an inch. If you bought that rubber raft and new gutters for the home you got suckered. The National Weather Service is notoriously wrong. I suggest that everyone everyone focus on the real problem: The drought and the scarcity of water in Southern California. Don’t be surprised if you’re limited to 3 toilet flushes per household per day next summer. And if you have a lawn I hope you like the color brown.
    The bus station should be used as a homeless shelter regardless of El Nino. It’s just sitting there collecting dust. No brainer. But the game plan is to kick the homeless out of the Civic Center so the Supes don’t have to look at them as they drive into the garage each morning. If the Supes can’t see any homeless people then homelessness is not a problem in the OC. Just a matter of time before the homeless are banned from sitting on the grass next to the library. Wait for it. And there will be no regional homeless network. That’s another empty promise. All the homeless will get dumped on Anaheim. Once the homeless leave the Civic Center – problem solved. Out of sight – out of mind.