• occynic

    Stop the whining, the fact that Yorba Linda even allows the public the opportunity to show a slide presentation is pretty unreal. Not going to happen in many other cities.

    • Ed Rakochy

      Then people in other cities need to wise up Cynic or you need to be less cynical. The Brown Act allows the public to speak at all meetings and that includes the use of audio and visual aides, like PowerPoints. If a developer can use a PowerPoint to show off his pretty project, then a local agency has to allow the public to do the same. The First Amendment must be applied equally to all.

  • Ed Rakochy

    It’s worse than that David. This is a project that’s being developed in the County. Yorba Linda isn’t collecting a dime in development fees. The real story here is that the Planning Commissioners are hand picked puppets of a City Council majority that’s bought and paid for by developers. The City Council cleaned house earlier this year and fired two Commissioners who were outspoken on overdevelopment in the City.

    Doug Wymore, the developer and attorney from Arizona of the Esperanza Hills project in the County, has contributed both directly and indirectly to members of City Council, in particular to Councilmen Craig Young, who took a shot a running for Assembly in 2014. When I say contributed indirectly, I mean that Wymore donated to a political action committee that fought the recall of Councilmen Young and Tom Lindsey.

    One thing is for certain. All you have to do is follow the money to find out who’s calling the shots in Yorba Linda.

  • Marlene Nelson

    I was appalled that after nearly two hours of public testimony the only question of clarification one member of the Planning Commission asked was whether this subject parkland/open space being discussed was “on property under the jurisdiction of the county”. If that’s what he got out of all that, he didn’t have a clue about what was presented. No other questions for clarification was asked of the deputy city attorney by the commissioners before a quick motion, second and passage. Incredible.

  • David Zenger

    Developer fees go to pay for Planning Department budgets. Ditto for the EIR consultants.

    That’s the side the bread is buttered on.