• LFOldTimer

    Oh, so after all the horses escaped they closed the barn doors, eh? ha. Anyone in an influential position in government who promotes the hiring of a friend or a relative (or a subodinates friend or relative) by virtue of their blood or plutonic relationship IMO should go to jail. Government jobs are supposed to be open to all taxpaying citizens based on qualifications and merit. Not by ‘who you know’. It’s officially called “Equal Employment Opportunity”. Violating it flies in the face of what America is supposed to represent. IMO it should be a felony and considered a very serious crime. It’s like stealing a job and a means of support from a more qualified citizen applicant. Egregiously disgusting.

  • Jacki Livingston

    Too bad this doesn’t apply to SSA. It is more inbred there than the entire history of the British Royal Family AND the characters of “Game of Thrones”…and just as bloody ridiculous.