• 9omoore9

    Does the city have Pension bonds? What is its pension deficit?

  • Ron B Baker

    I just have one question; Maybe I haven’t been paying attention, but this is the first I have heard anything about a budget shortfall in this city. So here is my question; if this is the state of finances in this city, who came up with the brilliant idea that we needed a brand new huge police dept. city center? I have lived here since 1980 and have had occasion to go to the Civic Center that we had, and I never found it to be inadequate. Was that money well spent considering what info is is this article?

    • Ron — Thy Vo, the reporter, here. I can’t make the judgment call as to whether the money was “well spent,” but I can give you some context on the police department HQ. That idea was conceived way back in the earlier 2000s and it was finished in 2011, before the elimination of redevelopment, for $52 million.(http://www.ocregister.com/articles/building-297524-police-room.html) The hope was that, because the city is positioned in the West Justice Center next to state/county agencies, other law enforcement agencies (ie. Sheriff) would rent space in the building and it would help the city make money. Obviously, that hasn’t happened and most of the building is empty. There are entire rooms/floors with no staff.

    • Dharma Bodhidharma

      I think the city is doing a fine job. Gov. Jerry Brown has done a great job of leading California’s recovery after the Schwarzenegger disaster. The town of Westminster is slowly coming up to speed when it comes to adopting a similar, sensible budget.

  • LFOldTimer

    “This is a town that NEEDS a tax hike”
    Oh, so the pols break it and it’s the taxpayer’s job to fix it. Is that your logic here? Amazing.

    • Vern Pat Nelson

      Actually, I think Westminster voters should have the choice whether to raise some of their taxes or not, or face further cuts in services. It sounds like that’s what Carey and Rice want – to give the people the choice – and Diep doesn’t trust them. Who’s gonna force Contreras and Ta to take a stand on democracy?

  • kburgoyne

    Good write-up, Thy. You appear to have presented all the information and left it for the reader to make up their minds. That’s good journalism.

    Most (not all) politicians are dishonorable. An elected official who is honestly committed to solving a seriously tough problem would be willing to solve it regardless of the resulting political ramifications to their career. That’s what truly honorable people do. They throw themselves on the proverbial grenade if forced to in order to help others.

    Much of this dishonor is driven by political extremism by organized groups disinterested in being honorable themselves. Everyday citizens, left to their own opinions without being flood with propaganda, would generally respect somebody who is willing to risk their own career in order to do the right and honorable thing.

    However the reality is the majority of voters will NEVER bother to actually understand the nuances and necessities of any decisions made in regard to fixing the budget, and most will make their future voting decisions based on being flooded with half-truth propaganda from dishonorable special interest groups.

    Potentially what needs to happen is the invention of some kind of scapegoat the politicians can hide behind come election time.

  • Bob Brock

    Why would the City Council hand out raises during a financial tailspin? Diep is right about that. Carey is right when she explains public outreach is needed to explain what bankruptcy looks like. Voters deserve the opportunity to make an informed decision. Deficit spending like this is obviously unsustainable. If Westminster doesn’t find a solution, a solution will find them.

    • LFOldTimer

      “Why would the City Council hand out raises during a financial tailspin?”
      Answer: Because it’s a big club – and the taxpayer’s aren’t in it.

    • Vern Pat Nelson

      This is what you get for taking Tyler’s word for anything. He does not go to committee meetings and just automatically spouts OC GOP lines. His text in the last paragraph of the article is FALSE – it has been a LONG time since any salaries or benefits were increased for any Westminster workers, and Westminster’s police are the lowest paid in the county.

  • LFOldTimer

    These idiots force their own citizen taxpayers to pay millions of dollars for the lawsuit judgment against the Westminster executive cops for discriminating against the latino cops and then want to put a tax increase measure on the ballot because they can’t balance their own budget? ha. May the citizens revolt and demand the City to file for bankrupcy before raising taxes! So much dirt comes out of the City of Westminster that you’d need a dump truck to carry it all away. I remember when one of their sworn detectives, Orbin, just s*xually traumatized and brutalized a young waitress and mother who he kidnapped from a restaurant. Nice guy, eh? Officer Friendly. I wonder what ever happened to that civil case? How many City taxdollars did it take to make that case go away? That story seemed to fall off the edge of the planet. The media never followed up and told us how that poor woman victim is doing. Since then, it’s just been one putrid story after another. Westminster should get voted “The Most Dyfunctional OC City in 2015”. And trust me. That would be quite a distinctive award for all the dysfunctional garbage that’s going on in Orange County.