• KenCoop

    Moorlach is concerned about unfunded pension liabilities. How much of the unfunded liability from OCERS is because of the pension they are paying him?

    • Jacki Livingston

      Moorlach is concerned about Moorlach. Always has been, always will be.

  • Paul Lucas


  • LFOldTimer

    Voice of OC provides an invaluable service to the public. Norberto hired some very qualified investigative journalists. Rarely do I see any mistakes in the articles, regarding content, grammar or spelling. I am always tremendously impressed. And the content of the articles expose the underbelly of County government that you would NEVER find in the Register or other mainstream publications. Norberto was a superstar when he wrote for the Register. And when he hung out his own shingle he made it a raging success. The man is a class act. My hat comes off for him.
    Sanchez said that she will prevail by appealing to Latino voters. Imagine if a politician said they he or she would prevail by appealing to white voters. They’d be run out of town on a rail. Sanchez has no chance against Kamala. She’s wasting her money. And I’m no fan of Kamala’s.
    I like Moorlach. The fact that he will break ranks and vote with the democrats on certain issue raises his credibility in my eyes. And he didn’t flip-flop on his anti-public union stance. That would have been easy to do in Sacramento where the public unions owns most of his colleagues. Moorlach has a mind of his own. And we should applaud that characteristic in any politician. Love him or hate him you gotta give Moorlach credit. He’s not a cookie cutter politician.

    • Jacki Livingston

      You might not be such a fan of old Johnnie, if you knew what I know. In 2008, I wrote to him, giving him information, documents and proof that nursing homes in the OC were not just abusing patients, but also embezzling from them and from the taxpayers. I showed him the proof, and a pending lawsuit against the worst offenders, a chain of nursing homes. People were being killed, dying from the neglect and abuse. I showed him that SSA was not just ignoring this abuse, but that they were doing things that helped the nursing homes cheat the taxpayers and the patients. Moorlach did NOTHING. No, wait, I take that back…he turned over the letter to the same officials doing the crimes, and thus began a seven year campaign to destroy my career. Thus, dozens of elderly and disabled people lost everything, including the funds to be buried. Their children lost out. But Moorlach, Nguyen and the others got rich off the misery and homicide of the very residents that they were sworn to protect. And don’t let Johnnie fool you, he took from the unions. He used them to his advantage. I can prove it, and I have the documents. So, yeah, hero worshipping Moorlach might be a tad unfounded. But, to be fair, Kamala and Loretta ignored the situation, too. But Moorlach was right here. It was his JOB. He failed the most vulnerable citizens when they needed him most. There or only two possible explanations. One is that he didn’t give a crap because they didn’t vote. The other is that he, like his comrades, was on the take. Neither one speaks well to his character, does it?

  • Jacki Livingston

    Moorlach and Sanchez? Are they going to follow up with reruns of “Dumb and Dumber”?