• UnitedWeStand

    Dear Kelly Reenders, With all due respect, Santa Ana has problems which need addressing first. A message from Caesar Millan…………


    “Everybody gets really excited when the puppies are born. Then the puppies are walking all over place, peeing, pooping. They need to explore, and people see that as adestructive behavior,” Millan said. “No longer viewed as cute, the pups often become neglected or homeless — yet free to produce more puppies.

    It takes a nation to prevent such a sad reality,” Millan said. “I want
    all of us to join in this preventive movement that should be worldwide. We mustbegin in America.”

    “Hispanics,like many other cultures, pride themselves on being respectful to nature, but sometimes we inherit cultural beliefs that don’t necessarily add up to progress. For example, in our culture, some believe that if we get our dogs spayed or neutered their value is decreased or diminished, they won’t be protectors of our homes, or they are going to feel bad about themselves or ashamed because they don’t have their reproductive apparatus. I’ll admit that I believed that when I first came to America, but I learned, I educated myself, and now it’s my desire to spread that awareness.
    I would love for my Hispanic community to put that idea aside just for a moment,completely clear it out of their mind, so they can hear a message that can change and save millions of lives: the problem with pet overpopulation can be solved by our participating and adopting spay and neuter programs in our communities. The benefits to the health of our dogs physically and mentally will be noticeable and impactful. Allow your heart to lead your thoughts because this is when we make all things possible. We always want to know what we can do for others – this is a part of our culture, the “how can I help you” – so why not ask, “how can we help our dogs and cats and community as a whole?” Join me and together let’s find another way to make history.”

    In this PSA video, a family surrounds a dog or cat that has given birth. Then the father takes a bundle from the mother dog or
    cat and dumps it in the street. Colorful balls represent the puppies or kittens
    that face sad circumstances or death.


  • David Zenger

    One thing is certain. Whenever modern government tries to direct art and plan “culture” the result is a smothering embrace that ensures banality, bureaucracy and stifflement.