• LFOldTimer

    It’s really time for us to have a ‘Come to Jesus’ meeting on the incarceration rates in America. If you type in “Global Incarceration Rates” in Google you can see the disgraceful stats for yourselves. Out of the 223 countries listed America has the highest per-capita incarceration rate (698 per 100,000 residents) than all other nations except for one: Seychelles, a small banana republic African nation. And the 54,000 incarcerated juveniles, immigration prisoners and military inmates in America are not even included in those stats. And we call ourselves the “Land of Freedom?” Look, our incarceration rate is significantly higher than all the other 1st world nations and higher than all the banana republics except for Seychelles. That’s not ‘freedom’. They’ve turned the prison system in the US into a huge industry that employs hundreds of thousands at ridiculously high compensations. The prison guards union in California rules Sacramento. High school educated prison guards make north of $100,000 a year and get a big fat pension to go along with it allowing retirement at 50 or 55. Are Americans more criminally prone than the rest of the global population? I don’t think so. People are people. The difference is the system of laws that have made it incredibly easy to put an American in jail. In California alone we create 1,000 new laws every year. The lawyer’s lobby is behind that. Crime is job security for judges, lawyers, cops, probation and parole officers, social workers and all their support staffs. Prison is big business in America. Bigger now than it’s ever been. A multi-billion dollar industry. And the proof is the rate of incarcerations in America (per 100,000 residents) versus the rest of the entire world. One would have to be intentionally stupid not to understand that.

  • Paul Lucas

    the prison industrial complex developed out of the war on people aka the war on drugs. beginning in 1970 with POTUS Nixons declaration of war on drugs, the local police departments noticed a flood of new funding for this war. Those funds went to overtime, bonuses, pensions etc along with new equipment and gear to fight this proxy war. they became addicted to that funding. As a response ;like any drug addict they started to manipulate the system by conceiving, writing, and pushing upon legislators new tough on crime laws that perpetuate this system. This system became self aware and has since then been leeching society by the billions in order to perpetuate and increase its share of public resources. hence why we have built 20 new prisons and only one new university in California the last 25 years. If one looks deeply enough, it becomes obvious that this situation and those who are in positions of power to manipulate it have worked to do just that for their own financial gain in the form of cadillac salaries and rolls royce pensions. In other words, they are guilty of human trafficking as the know and have been aware that these new tough on crime laws do nothing less than actually increase and exacerbate the problems.