• astar2b

    Before the driver leaves Santa Ana, doesn’t the Supervisor review the trip plan? Who makes sure every destination is legit for funding?

  • David Zenger

    “ ‘Some people may want to dramatize the excursions outside of Orange County. But you have to look at the facts,’ Mouet said.”

    Really, dude? That’s the best excuse you can come up with for this? It was only a small swindle!

    How lame. Bustamante got popped for less than that.

  • Judy Allen

    What a disgusting bunch of “takers” we have in office on OUR tax dollars!!

  • LFOldTimer

    What a creative way to solicit votes, eh? Take the Seniors to a winery and get them drunk then drive them over to the casino to drain them of their social security checks. Some might say this borders on elder abuse. Audit? ha. Sure. Pull my other thumb. This is the last you’ll her about it. Nobody will get canned. Afterall, we’re talking government here. But thanks for pulling back the curtains and giving us a glimpse of what goes on in the seedy backrooms
    of City Hall, Adam. Whenever you show up at their doorsteps everybody must run for cover. It probably looks like a stampede of Wildebeasts! ha. You’re one of the very best investigative reporters this county has!

  • Paul Lucas

    Wow thats both weird and sinister. Charging 5 dollars for ancillary items and the operators pocketing the cash?

  • mutheta

    At least the city of Santa Ana opened up these taxpayer funded winery tours to the public, Similar tours taken by those employed in the Rancho District were limited to employees only.