• LFOldTimer

    Rosemary, Gregory, Natalia, Erlinda, Kim, Chelsea and Kat can all thank the six-figure crowd at OCTA who likely all have nice fat car allowances to drive their late model sedans for the bus route cuts. The victims should ask OCTA under the open public records act whether any of the six-figure elites at OCTA lost their jobs with the bus route cuts. Logic says that if fewer OCTA busses are on the roads that fewer OCTA managers are needed to manage the routes. My guess is that you would find not a single six-figure elite club member manager was shown the door. They will probably tell you that management is being downsized through attrition which is the biggest crock since the advent of snake oil. Those who need bus transportation don’t belong to the big elite club. That’s the reason you’re being treated like garbage. That’s the reason government is not providing basic adequate public transportation to you poor folk. Because most of the people who ride busses are low income and poor. You’re just an inconvenient nuisance to those in the six-figure elite club. The government officials always take taxpayer paid junket trips to foreign lands to examine their educational systems to learn ways to improve our own schools. Have these idiots ever been to Europe to learn about how to build a real public transportation system? Not just Europe. Heck, go to South America. Go to Japan. Our public transportation system in the OC is like back in the caveman era by comparison. We need FEWER six-figure OCTA managers and MORE busses and trolleys and subways and trains in the urban areas instead of more banks and gas stations and fast food joints. The rest of the world laughs at our public transportation systems in places like The OC.

  • Cynthia Ward

    But they will find $318MM from somewhere to transport Disney’s profitable patrons from the ARTIC station we didn’t need (for $200MM) while leaving the poorest of OC’s residents (who often offer the fuel for the economic engine) sitting at bus stops, stranded.

    • Jacki Livingston

      On this I do agree with you. SSA is stopping face to face service with clients, everything now will be phone and computer. In the new Anaheim office, at Katella and State College, no clients are permitted to see the workers there. More and more, the climate is all about the dehumanization and outright abuse of the poor. I have seen cops in Orange scream, kick and threaten homeless sleeping on the train station benches, even one taking a man’s few meager possessions because he didn’t move fast enough. The continued abuses against the poor is not some accidental oopsie. It is a well structured and well planned roadmap to make the OC extremely undesirable for the poor. I think that the manager in the meeting I attended said that they had to “drive them like cattle to the Inland Empire or LA”. Stay classy, Orange County…stay classy.