• LFOldTimer

    The ones who authorized it should be charged with misappropriation of government funds. But that would never happen given the current scenario in the OC ‘just us’ system.
    Oh, and Todd….if seniors want to get loaded at a winery or lose their social security checks in a gambling den – let them do it on their own time – that’s not a government function – and government officials high enough in the food chain to authorize government funding for these trips should know better. And there should at minimum be huge career ramifications for those government officials involved. But it is government afterall – where anything goes. Particular situations that you and other supes have gotten yourselves into and skated away is proof of that!

  • David Zenger

    “There’s enough responsibility to go around,” he said.

    Oh, dear me. The old diffusion of responsibility mantra, actually the County’s theme song. So many people helped eff it up no one can be held responsible.