• Jacki Livingston

    I am a huge supporter of the LGBT community. I also believe that separating families with children by deporting parents is inhuman and beneath us. But, Mr. Cortes, you really need to have some cheese with your whine. The fact is, as un-PC as it may sound, illegal immigrants are breaking the law. The overwhelmingly high percentage are from Mexico and further into Central and South America. They have exploited geography to violate the borders of a sovereign nation. They are well aware of the felony nature of this crime, and they risk it, anyway. *raises hand* I don’t want to argue about the horrible conditions they are fleeing. I empathize. I don’t want to hear any of that nonsensical hooey about this used to be their land. Yeah, so what? England was once a territory of Rome. Should Italian citizens be able to just go there and be citizens? No. Are there things that the USA could and should do to help our southern neighbors in bettering the situation there? Absolutely, it is in our best interests. Also, I do recognize that Hispanic illegal citizens serve in our military, pay taxes, etc…HOWEVER, they also put an enormous strain on our finite resources. As a caseworker at SSA, I saw this first hand. Illegal immigrants cannot get food stamps, cash aid or any MediCal except for emergencies or pregnancy (with one large exception, which I will discuss in a moment). However, they can receive those things for their citizen children and spouses. They can obtain Section 8 vouchers if even one person in the household is a citizen. Many young, working couples wait to have kids, because they do not qualify for assistance. So why should illegals, who are committing a crime, be able to drop a couple on the public dime, and get aid? My grandson’s school class is overwhelmed by non-citizen kids who speak no English, and his education is suffering for it. Is that fair?

    I would be willing to bet that most citizens of the OC are not aware that illegal aliens can be given full scope MediCal, if they are in a nursing home. Yuuuuup. Grandma comes over for a “visit”. Granny has a stroke, they put her in a nursing facility for care that ranges from seven to seventy thousand dollars per month, for as long as she lives. I had clients who never worked here, never paid any taxes or served in the military, never owned property. But the County of Orange foots the bill for their hospital and nursing home care. I had one lady who was in for 23 years, at about 12 grand a month, average. You do the math. Ours is a generous country. We have long been the ones who stepped up to help, when the world is in trouble. So, before you ask us to blow up the balloons at your pity party, you might want to be honest, in acknowledging that we are a sovereign nation, and we have the absolute right to control our borders. By the exploitation of geography, illegal immigrants from Latin America have hurt the citizens of other countries, around the world, who apply, do the work, pay the fees and wait their turn to LEGALLY come here. Because of illegals, we have to restrict legal immigration and that is not just or right. And, please do not start the “we don’t come here for the freebies” nonsense, because I have had waaaaaaay too many clients tell me how flyers and booklets are passed out to those coming here, before they leave home, telling them where and how to get those freebies, and what they are entitled to. Mexico, in particular, is taking advantage of the nursing home exceptions, and moving their indigent and disabled citizens here in droves, to ease the burden on their own budgets. That is not right. We need to find solutions to complex problems. But I have no intention of crying in my cocoa or giving you cheese and crackers with your whine, because you think that our enforcement of the LAW is not fair. A fair is something you go to in July. Eat pie. Ride rides. Get a blue ribbon. It is not life.

  • LFOldTimer

    Any person who promotes open borders and massive illegal immigration into America from some of the poorest nations on earth should get down on their hands and knees and kiss Obama’s feet. Good Lord…don’t bite the hand that feeds you. All 3rd world banana republics should erect a bronze statue of Obama at their respective nation’s capital at the entrance of their congressional buildings. America has been a very friendly safety value.

  • David Zenger

    “…the undocumented LGBTQ community”

    Community? Really?

  • Paul Lucas

    Very well written article. You should be aware that the City has become dependent on the revenues from ICE-Beds for Feds. That will be the guiding principle that the city will decide this issue.

    • LFOldTimer

      So has the County. The entire system is schizophrenic. The local jailers are forced to turn illegals who committed crimes back out on the streets since California’s Trust Act forbids them from transferring the illegals over to the Fed for deportation but other illegals they hold for the Feds so they can make a profit off them. The prison system is big business. Much bigger than the drug business while probably 70% of inmates are incarcerated directly or indirectly for drug offenses. If they closed all prisons in America the unemployed prison workers would push the unemployment rate over 30%.

      • Paul Lucas

        You got guys like Lou correa to thank for that. he screws over regular union workers while carrying water for the LEO and Prison guard unions. To me they are all a state sanctioned Human Trafficking organization.