• 6eaie2

    How about the Supes change places with the homeless for a month?

  • OCservant_Leader

    Norberto I believe you have identified the basic core of the problem and that is these politicians fundamentally do not share your interest in “people” over “buildings”.

    And in “buildings” their interest is in the kickbacks and donations from developers – not the public employees who work in them or the public they serve – just a fundamental different view of how they see their role in government- which is to serve themselves.

    Just look around the civic center – the same ideology that created the ghetto is planning the future. 99% of the resources continue to go into the pockets of the elite 1%.

  • LFOldTimer

    I can’t recall a County Board of Supervisors that has spun its wheels at such a high RPM with so little to show for it – other than spending more of our taxdollars and delivering more status quo. They buy the bus depot to house the homeless then the homeless don’t show up. ha. Before private companies spend a bunch of money they do surveys and analyses to ensure it’s a worthwhile expenditure. But not in government. They shoot from the hip hoping somehow to hit the target. They do this because they’re spending other people’s money and if they screw up – nobody is held accountable. There is no personal risk. So they spend it like a group of drunken sailors on shore leave. They extended the $17,500/mo contract of the OIR Director who most of the Supes agreed has been a failure at his job for the last 8 years. There has been zero genuine oversight. Now they want to quintuple down to expand a failed agency that’s been a proven farce. ha. They knitted together an ‘Ethics Commission’ that really has little or nothing to do with real ethics enforcement – that will cost us many millions of dollars each year. And the BoS will have full control over the commissioners like they had full control over the OIR Director for the last 8 years. ha. Now they want to tear down government buildings that are perfectly servicable and suitable for government work – and their plan is to spend over a HALF BILLION of our tax dollars over 20 years to make that happen! Good God. And none of these Supes will be around when the fallout from their decisions haunt us down the road. From their perspective – that’s the beauty of it. And the new clowns on the Board will tell us “Don’t blame us. We didn’t do it. But now we have to repair it.” Same ‘ol same ‘ol. And the people never seem to catch on to the scam that repeats itself time after time after time. We elect more losers into office while expecting a different outcome. These people are no more fiscal conservatives than I’m Rin Tin Tin.