• Debby Bodkin

    The OC Board of Supes. DA Rackauckas and OC Sheriff Hutchens will use Stephen Connolly and the ALLEGED failure of OIR to escape their own federal crimes. I say congrats to Mr. Connolly–run as fast as you can and get the heck out of the RICO criminal enterprise that is now Orange County courts, government, and law enforcement. Save yourself and I hope Michael Gennaco does the right thing from my dealings and personal witness of his integrity and honor.

    IMO as a non-fan of Shawn Nelson. I suspect Nelson may want to make a move for the OC judicial bench sooner than planned because he too wants the Heck out of OC’s evil. corrupt and for-profit RICO legal community where the oc sheriff defense attys also simultaneously represent two of the most powerful religious organizations in California notorious for sexually abusing children and failures to report that we’re never prosecuted. Diocese of Orange and Los Catholic Archdiocese. OC’s children. adults and employees are money makers for corrupt OC officials.

  • B Dalton

    The People of the County need to start a recall of the Sheriff, she’s using her poor leadership in managing the jails and the deputies, their management of “snitches” in her jails with her oversight and jail break outs, as justification for an increase budget monies. How about telling her to get her act together with a 10% cut in her budget or hit the bricks. And the deputies want a 12% pay raise, come on folks. How many of you have gotten a 12% pay raise spread over the last ten(10) years and they want that in one contract. Wake up Orange County throwing money at a sinking ship is a total waste of good money. And for the DA he needs to go for some of the poor leadership/oversight of the lawyers in his office. The top public positions in Law of Orange County are dysfunctional at best!

  • Jacki Livingston

    Norberto, let me tell you the truth. The feds could not begin to give a tiny little rat’s behind about OC corruption. I spent four hours in a room with an FBI agent and a special investigator from the federal department of Health and Human Services. I showed them document after document, email, printouts, clippings, evidence that was so complete, it would have been enough to convict John Gotti. You know what they told me? They don’t care. If it does not represent huge multi million dollar windfalls to the feds, they will not waste time or resources. I still have their business cards, if you want it. The feds couldn’t care less. They leave whistleblowers twisting in the wind as surely as the DA and the Sheriff. Puh-leeze. Stop kidding yourself.

  • LFOldTimer

    This is another example of your typical County bureaucratic cluster….. that we’ve witnessed for the last 10 years.
    So even after most supes publicly acknowledged that Connolly has been a failure as an OIR Director the BoS extended Connolly’s contract in Sept/2015 (?) at $17,500/mo until March 31.2016. Plus a big fat car allowance. That’s 7 months x $17,500 = $122,500, plus the car allowance. For what? What’s he done other act as an arbitrary placeholder of an impotent appointed county lapdog office? More tax dollars down the rathole and absolutely nothing to show for it. Connolly played the county like a fiddle for 8 long years while the BoS complicitly stood by and passively watched. The old BoS publicly reprimanded him at least 3 times for not doing his job – yet Connolly stayed the OIR Director collecting $200,000 + a year. ha. IMO this was a setup from the start. IMO oversight was not the original intention. The original intention seemed to be the APPEARANCE of oversight to appease the townsfolk after the Corona debacle. Connolly just happened to be good friends with Gennaco and got the gig. And he milked it as a failed OIR Director for 8 long years thanks to the aid of the BoS who were supposed to supervise and oversee him! ha. And now the BoS will likely expand the OIR and hire 5 more Stephen Connolly’s to hoodwink and rip off the taxpayers some more under the guise of ‘oversight’.
    “You had a cooperative Sheriff,” Spitzer said of the OIR model, “yet he (Connolly) didn’t bring any of these symptoms or signs to the attention of the board that could have telegraphed serious problems.”
    Come on, Todd. Cut it out. Hutchens wouldn’t even admit that the county jail informant embarrassment that received wide coverage in the national news was a scandal. And now she’s blaming the jail escape on the jail infrastructure when it’s crystal clear that those 3 inmates escaped due to incompetent sheriff personnel. And she’s trying to talk you into giving her millions more of our tax dollars for a jail remodel when you should call her out for her and her staff’s failed performance. And there’s no doubt in my mind that you’ll give all the tax dollars she demands. You circle the wagons for her at any given opportunity. You need OCSD’s support to get your DA job.

  • Ed Romero

    he had give, he was finally arrested only because one of those boys came forward and advised his parents that he was taken to a Motel by that Probation Officer and molested. Then were was those Deputy Sheriff’s/Security Guards that according to my Office Manager “couldn’t keep their penises in their pants and their zippers up”. According to the former O C Sheriff it wasn’t the fault of his Deputies it was the “fault of those PROMISCUOUS TRAMPS at the Probation Department that couldn’t keep their panties up and their legs on the floor. I believe I made my point.

  • Ed Romero

    at making Criminal and Civil Case Disappear before they got to the DA. Then there was that Female Clerk that use to go CHRISTMAS SHOPPING night after night. Then was that Deputy Probation Officer that couldn’t get enough of those young Mexican boys and men, after receiving numerous complaints from Deputy Probation Officers I contacted his Supervisor and he advised me “we know what he’s doing and we are watching, 5 years later and who knows how HUMMERS

  • Ed Romero

    Everybody is acting like this is something new. While employed by the Orange County Probation Department, this Asst. Chief Probation Officer use to Smoke so much Marijuana while on duty that my co-workers gave her the AKA/Marijuana Nancy, I complained and complained and NO ONE would listen to me or do anything about it. She had her very own Gang of Drug Dealers, most of them Deputy Probation Officers, they would make Drug Deliveries right into her Office while on duty. That wasn’t the only Criminal Activity she was involved in, there was the Employee Wallet Stealing (I caught her and reported it and NOTHING WAS DONE ABOUT IT) there was the Probation Money Bag Thefts (again I caught her and reported it and again nothing was done about it), there was her Lesbian Cronyism, Lesbians being Hired and Promoted not because they were qualified but because they were Lesbians, including the one that stole $40,000’s from a Community Center for the Poor, another one that use to follow the young Female Employees into the Bathroom and drop to her knees and PEEK UNDER THE DOOR, she was promoted time and time again, today she is a Clerical Supervisor. Then there was the Deputy Probation Officer that was arrested 8 times for Drunk Driving and kept his job, I finally found out why, he was an EXPERT

  • RyanCantor

    “But independent oversight pisses off police unions.”

    Game. Set. Match.

  • Paul Lucas

    There has to be major changes such as the repeal of POBOR. You cite Sheriff Baca in LA County. Sheriff Hutchins came from that group. She was in top command positions. The layer of immunity granted to LEOs and DDAs incentivises corruption when combined with POBOR. Given that, we need to look into banning all LEOs from writing laws and pushing legislation. They are tasked with ENFORCING the law.Not writing and or administering the law.

  • David Zenger

    Norberto, you didn’t get the memo. “OIR” is alive and well – metastasizing, in fact – quadrupling in size as only the successful government agency can do. It has failed so spectacularly that it must be giganticized to make work properly.

    It is only Connolly that is gone