• OCservant_Leader

    Thanks for the warning as the growing gulf between the OC HAVES and the HAVE NOTS will threaten even the 1% Elite behind the gates.

  • LFOldTimer

    A candy store. ha. Jerry Brown – there’s a real unmasked compassionate democrat for ya. No idea why a young family earning $90,000 or less in this State would stay here. Maybe family ties. Or maybe for the generous welfare benefits if you’re indigent. Otherwise there’s no reason. No way could such a family afford to live what’s become known as an average quality American lifestyle. Forget home ownership. Stay here and be a perpetual renter and make other people money. How’s that for a plan?

    • cynthia curran

      Well, conservatives opposed building more apartments, condos, and tiny house zoning. OC Republicans are usually NIMBYS LFOld Timer. I read of several articles where they cut off development in Orange County, Republicans. Development can make housing a lot cheaper. I’m not a leftist I believe in getting rid of housing size restriction in Orange County which will allow for Tiny houses and smaller house size in the county.