• OCservant_Leader

    Awarding large contracts… in SECRET is against the law. The fake “legal opinion” by the City Attorney does not make it-legal. Sorry. Nice Try.

    Who do these “public” officials think they are fooling?

    Looks like this tight group is working in tandem to defraud the public. Who else is getting checks via secret contracts?

    Good job citizen Goldberg! Keep it up!

  • Nrgmavn

    The attorney should be fired.

  • Rivett

    One presumes that not violating the law is already the duty of a city council person, so what’s the point of a pledge to do what they have to do already. And if they deny having violated the law, and now super double promise to continue to not violate it in the future, doesn’t that just mean they will do exactly what they have been doing?

  • kburgoyne

    “…and do not fear, when we break it again we’ll promise not to break it again…”