• Shirley L. Grindle

    Several years ago a slate mailer organization operated by the infamous Forde and Mollrich used their slate mailer organization to get around the County’s contribution limits — all to get Chris Norby elected to the Board of Supervisors. As a result, a section was added to the TINCUP ordinance to prevent this from happening again. I would advise you to use Section 1-6-24 of the County’s Ordinance in any ordinance you put forth in Newport Beach. (Anaheim also included this section in their campaign ordinance.). Also – want to thank you for endorsing Msr. A on the June ballot which will establish a “Campaign Finance and Ethics Commission” to deal with County officials and campaign laws.

  • LFOldTimer

    Hi Keith,
    When are you going to do an update on Donald Trump? Looks like he’s on the way to to GOP nomination.

    In your next blog on Trump be sure to mention that the GOP establishment manufactured Donald Trump’s popularity by repeatedly betraying the GOP electorate. The voters gave the GOP the large majority in the House and the majority in the Senate. Then the GOP turned around and appointed liberal Paul Ryan as the House Speaker, approved the Omnibus Bill, supported more deficit spending and higher debt ceilings, allowed Obama to turn a blind eye to illegal immigration and routine criminal labor law violations. And then the RNC is surprised that the GOP electorate are revolting by supporting Trump? ha. Is the average Republican elected really that stupid?

    Do a blog on that, Keith.