• LFOldTimer

    I, for one, respect all the hard work and great achievement that it took you and your colleagues to get where you are, Jen. Few understand the challenges (academically and financially) for a young person to get through medical school and start a career in medicine. You kids are the cream of the crop of American society. I guess you could’ve become a cop or a firefighter. Jobs that only require a high-skool education and pay comp well in excess of $200,000 a year with multi-million dollar pensions at age 55. Instead you chose a profession that required at least 10 years of higher education and your student debt probably exceeds $300,000 easy. But for you there is light at the end of the tunnel. You have guaranteed future earning power as a medical doctor. As long as you make sound decisions choosing a mate and investing your money you should do very well. Think of all those poor souls who are stuck in mediocre jobs making squat who have no way to escape their pain. And there are millions of them. The next time your pipes leak or your apartement manager demands a rent increase and things appear bleak – think of them. It may help you get through your day. In the meantime, I appreciate all the effort you and folks like you make to be prime contributors to our society. I have great respect for the drive, ambition and aptitude all of you demonstrated to climb to the top. All the best and many thanks for taking care of sick people, which can be especially taxing when done on a daily basis.